Les Sonnailles DABAN (sarl) : manufacture of bells (for herds and hunting dogs).

Mountain symphony orchestra leader.

When, in 1789, my ancestor Jean-Bernard came to Nay and, in 1795, founded the Maison Daban, he couldn't have known that, some 200 years later, his 5th generation descendant would become the only authentic manufacturer of bells from Collioure to Hendaye.

The bells are made in our workshops, using sheets of metal fired in an enclosed furnace, crafted and put together entirely and painstakingly by hand, using the expertise and love for a job well done, by a close-knit team.
The bells, these "musical instruments" worn by animals in the mountains, mean that man no longer feels alone there, the animals do not stray, are not attacked by snakes, and are much easier for their owners to find in thick fog.

Process of Bells manufacturing

The 5 steps of creation :

  • Shaping
  • Preparationmold clay
  • Soldering
  • Last Son Of Bells
  • Preparation before shipping

Our models are available in different sizes. The list of bells is not exhaustive ... For any particular request, please contact us.